Alien Encounter in Topeka, Kansas on 1985-09-26 03:28:00 – It happend whill i was asleep i dont think that i left my home it was like an upload of information on technology self sustaining power sources , propulsion systems wepon systems everthing that one could think of

What i need is help getting this stuff out of my head how can you make that happeni believe that what i have in here , in my head is worth more to the rest of the world then it is to me in 2015 i submitted a desing of one of the self-sustaining power sources to a patent company who had to my knowledge never seen anything like it but i took it as if that was normal stuff that a company would say just to be the first to make a proto type of it there is so much in here that it has consumed me i have no money to buy my owne computer and set up that i can wright it down make scetches of the things that i have been able to retaine my girlfriend and my children think that im crazy i still have what i call dream visits i sometimes feel as though i am apart of this race of beings that are trying to speed up the way in which we learn and comunicate by teaching me all that they have accomplished as a race of beings willing to help us i want it to stop i dont believe that it will i try to block it by not thinking about it but when i go to sleep thats a differint story ive tryed differant bed times sleep at night didnt work sleep durring the day didnt work psycics shamans dream quests iv done everything to forget all that i have learnd but how can you un learn what you have been taught in order for you to take this seariously you would have to see for yourselves i cant just explain i need someone in the techical fields of engineering computer science electrical engineering prupolsion systems and anything else you could think of thank you sincerely

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