UFO Sighting in Yakima, Washington on 2017-01-23 20:20:00 – Orange-red glowing, huge cigar shaped object hovering for 3 minutes disappeared

My daughter and i were returning home from seattle. we were on i 82 about 33 miles north of yakima, washington. it was about 8:20 pm. the sky was clear, and we were enjoying the stars as they were so big and bright. i noticed a cigar shaped object, glowing reddish-orange, hovering in the sky. it was below the brightest star (venus?) in the sky (west of i-82) and a little to the left of it – about 60 degrees off the horizon. i had been looking at it (off and on as i was driving) for about 2 minutes wondering what i was looking at, when my daughter (28 years old) saw it and asked what it was. we both continued to observe it for another minute, and then it lost its glow, or else vanished. we did not observe an outline, or a dark solid shape, so we concluded it had disappeared – much to our disbelief. i have no idea at what altitude the object actually was, but i got the impression it was over a mile above the ground. it was extremely large, but i couldn’t even guess what its actual size would be. my impression is that it would be at least as large as a city block if it was on the ground.

my daughter then told me to look at the 5 airplanes flying in the same area we had seen the object. because we were on a curve in the highway i was only able to glance over, and did see one airplane. i asked her if they were in formation, she reported that the airplanes were flying in a triangle pattern with two following in the rear. we were close to a military training area, and it is possible that they had some jets in the sky – either training or looking for the object we saw.

we stopped about 29 miles north of yakima at a rest stop and scanned the sky for it, but were not able to locate it again.

we are both wondering if anyone else saw it?

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