UFO Sighting in Itapecerica da Serra, São Paulo on 2017-01-25 02:30:00 – Blueish bright dot fling overhead from diferent directions

I was inside home spending sometime on the internet when i decided to strench my legs and scan the sky (yes i have this habit since kid). it was 2:30am (aprox)

but the sky had too many clouds, except for 2 breaches directly overhead.
then i saw this blueish light, it was abnormally fast for an airplane, the color was also abnormal, it came from west to east, it was very bright but small like a dot, very much like jupiter or venus, except that it was very blueish. it went over the clouds, i could still see it badly and vanished probably because of the cloud. i thought, strange, suspicious, lets check some websites to see if it was an airplane or a satelite flare os something like that. no, no confirmation from any websites.

i went back outside, my dog started barking a lot, i looked back at sky and a few seconds latter i saw 2 or 3 more lights coming from diferent directions thru the breach on the cloudscover. i knew it wasnt airplane or helicopter, i came back inside and took the phone (fixed line) and called my wife at work (she is a nurse) and started telling her what i just saw but still looking up hunting for more and then i saw 2 more times as i was speaking with her. then the breach in the cloudcover closed and i spent about 30 minutes scaning but i saw nothing, the dog stopped barking and i went inside to chew what i just saw.

there is a small possibility to be a drone, but this make little sense at all. brasil is a poor country, not many people have money to buy those expensive toys. it is 2am why someone would fly an expensive drone at 2am, why someone would fly at night on a purelly residential/rural area with nothing interesting? why someone would fly at 2am over cloudcover? but still it could be a drone. or it could be an et object.

one more thing. it is not my 1st time, actually i had other richier much more vivid experiences with ufos and etos and in 2 ocasions (this one being the 2nd) i feel that i had a psychic conection just before the event, this time i was hearing some music, was in facebook and then i had this suden spike to move my focus to think about ufos, but i didn’t entered any website, i just got outside to strench the lag before start to look for new information on the subject.

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