UFO Sighting in Cotgrave, England on 1980-07-02 00:00:00 – Shooting star split into 2. one shot off the other came towards us

Me, my sister and some friends were metal detecting in a nearby building site. my sister shouted “look at that shooting star” we all looked up and i said that’s not a shooting star, i knew this because the tail ended but the object was still there, it split into two parts, one shot off but the other came towards us, as it got closer we shouted for our parents to come, they heard us and came running out thinking one of us was in trouble, by this time the object was clearly visible, hovering above a field you could see the object was spinning slowly with a dull humming sound, it started coming towards us and i can remember my mum holding us with shear terror at what we were witnessing, it moved to the left of us and went behind a wooded area and slowly went behind the woods as if was landing. less an a minute later it came back up form the woods and returned to the spot it was hovering before, it then moved slowly right and then shot off with massive speed

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