UFO Sighting in Indiana on 2017-01-26 00:00:00 – There was a saucer in the sky right above my house.

I was with friends driving home late at night when one of us noticed the disc-like object flying rather quickly in a downward diagonal direction. it was sort of far away and though we followed it a bit with a car, we couldn’t be sure what it was but we felt like it had to be a ufo. when arriving home, my two friends sitting in the back seat both felt a presence behind them but saw no one when they instinctively turned towards it. we decide to rush inside when all of a sudden we see the saucer again, much much closer this time. it was clearly a disc-like shape with flashing blue and white lights and a quiet machine sound barely louder than the strong wind we were also hearing. we all dropped the bags we were carrying to run towards the street to get a better view, but it was already descending diagonally downwards fast and it quickly fell below the tree level in less than 15 seconds. because it was so fast, barely anyone could pull out something to record with but somehow one of us already had our phones out and took a very unclear video. we have heard the noise again but haven’t looked because we are scared.

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