UFO Sighting in Edinburgh, Scotland on 1979-07-12 09:45:00 – Football sizes. and looked like a picture of a planet

It was in 1978/9. i was about 8/9 i was at school ( burdiehouse primary ) in edinburgh it was morning break at 9:45.
my friends and i were playing football ( soccer ) i was the goal keeper. i just glanced at
my side and no further than 10ft from me was a hovering object the size of a football and i can only describe the colour of it as mixed and it looked like a planet. i was not frightened as i was young, i was that young i actually thought it was a planet. the object just hovered and i just watched it. next thing the bell went and i went back to class. i did tell my teacher who went to window but the object was gone.

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