UFO Sighting in Glendale, Arizona on 2017-01-26 20:40:00 – I had mistook it for a uncharacteristically bright and unwavering star, and while i couldn’t make out the details i knew something was off. it turns out i was right as it started to dim and dissipate to the point where it completely dissappeared.

It was all supposed to be simple really, we were heading to frys and such to meet someone and i wanted to bring along a few things even though i knew it wouldn’t be too long there. my mom and elder cousin were lightly bantering in the car as i struggled to unlock the back seat door. and after a few grunts of disdain i had finally gotten it open, and hopped in immediately to escape the bitter cold, only to be told by my mom at the last minute to get the electric card and that’s when my frustration kicked in and i swiftly hopped out the car so i could be in & out since all i was wearing for an ex use of a jacket was a thin cotten cardigan. stomping my way back to front door i turned to take a quick look up at the stars since i’m pretty fond of star gazing and i thought, ‘a second look couldn’t hurt’. how i was wrong. there in the sky amidst a few scattered stars was a unsettling and strangely lit “star”. i had paused for a minute to observe it’s movements because i knew i couldn’t outright claim it to be something without full proof. it hadn’t exhibited any strange signs so i went cautiously back into the house to go fetch the card. but when i rushed back out to observe it again, i saw the diamond shaped object,almost like a star from heaven brighten and dim at such a rate that was unknown to the casual stars i was used to seeing, and began to dissipate as soon as that. i was frantic and nervously yelled to my family members if they had seen what i saw, but no answer, only a curt yell to “hurry the hell up!”. after that i rode with them silently, questioning my beliefs and all that we know as ares, and how quickly we are to feed our egos and proud ourselves thinking we’re the most advanced thing to come. i thought of how wrong we are, and once again fell into a state of contemplating. i need to be honest right now, this isn’t the first time i’ve seen a ufo in my neighborhood and i’ve also had strange occurrences in my house since i began to question and wonder about other life, going as far as speaking openly about it to others. i saw another ufo right when we got to frys and since then i’ve had this overwhelming sense of dread. please help me figure this out, i have a strange sense that something badight happen soon.

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