UFO Sighting in Pigeon Forge, Arkansas on 2002-06-15 10:00:00 – Object remained in view for a number of mins manuvering

first off i was in the usaf and assigned to sac. i worked directly with b-52s with a security clearance. while i sat on the runways waiting for my bombers to come down i have seen hundreds of planes in flight and maneuvering. the only reason i tell you this is maybe it will boost your confidence in the validity of my observation.
i was driving to dollywood with my sister, mother and daughter. my mother was in the passenger seat next to me, the others in the back. they were asleep at the time (of course they were, never a witness around when you need one) as i was driving,in the left center of my windshield i noticed an object in the sky at about a 45 degree angle from my seat. at first i assumed it was a plane so my eyes went back to the road, i looked back a few minutes later and it appeared to be in the same position. that is when i got interested, i started running through my mental check list and decided it was unknown to me. i thought hey a ufo, i hollered at my sister and told her to look up through the windshield and give me the camera. at this time it went from 0 to fast quick and in a hurry. first it moved 90 degrees up, 90 from that point to my right, down 90 below eye sight, then came 90 up from that point and moved to the right until out of sight. i did manage to snap only one picture because i was still driving at that time and the camera had to be winded up to get another shot.
my sister still remembers me shouting to look, i suppose though since she was in the back she could not get a high enough view. i have always remembered the sighting and held on to the picture in my photo album. i saw it again just a few days ago and since i do have photoshop, i tinted and enlarged the object and low and behold its a regular ole round flying saucer. so i am now reporting the incident and providing the two pictures the one with the small object is untouched the other is the blown up image.

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