UFO Sighting in Höfn, on 2016-02-13 21:00:00 – Observed a glowing objected moving south. its glow dimmed to a red at with point it made a 180 degree turn moving exactly the opposite direction

I was in iceland on holiday visiting the geysers. late in the evening i went for a sauna just a short walk down the main road which was south of my hotel. during the walk i was observing the stars when i noticed what i thought was a satellite moving from north to south. after a few moments the object started to dim to a feint red glow at which point the object changed direction by 180 degrees and flew back on exactly the same path in had just travelled. all the time it was getting less luminous until if faded from view. as a rational man, i genuinely though this was a meteor or a satellite, but i still cannot understand what i saw, i cannot not understand the change in direction. it has kind of sparked an interest in ufo’s. i can still clearly recall the event one year later.

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