UFO Sighting in Houston, Texas on 2017-01-27 00:00:00 – Several lights were moving in random directions.

My sister called me and told me to go outside because there were some weird lights in the sky. my mom and sister were both inside the car parked in the side of the street and i got inside. i asked them where the lights were and they pointed to an area in the sky. at first all i could sky were the coulds, but suddenly a light appeared. it was moving to one side and then it disappeared. then it apoeared again and it moved towards another light and they circled together for a couple of seconds. the lights were randomly appearing and moving for around 10 minutes. at one point the light was moving upward in straight line, it seemed liked there were around 5 lights blinking one after the other. when i first saw the lights i thought it was that thing that airplanes used, but the lights kept moving in weird way, which made me think of a ufo. i got several videos, i’m going to include a 18 second one and see if you can determine if they were ufos and not just ordinary lights. after around 10 minutes the lights stopped appearing as often, and eventually stopped as fas as i could tell. i went inside after and looked over the videos i took.

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