UFO Sighting in Russellville, Arkansas on 2017-01-27 00:00:00 – Saw two stars start moving sideways and curve and move upwards and out of site. then another move across the sky while blinking off and on as a real brite light

I was observing the seemingly new and extremely bright southwestern star(the one that is visible in the daytime that people claim is venus) while watching this “star” i noticed movement below it so i put down my binoculars and watched what seemed to be a white and yellowish star or light move up then sideways across the sky and curve and move straight up and out of site before i could get my mind calmed i noticed another slightly larger light that looked just like a star moves slowly across the sky from the southwest towards the the north then turn and follow the first light(which was out of site by now)upwards and out of site. i was kind of panicking because it seemed the stars where coming too life around this time i witnessed yet another moving star but different as it was super bright then gone and then light up again and continued with this behavior from the west to the east. about ten minutes later the sky was heavily trafficked with airplanes flying in pairs crisscrossing the sky in all directions! it seemed as if they where looking for something and i assumed it was military! i live near a airport and national guard armoury and have seen all kinds of planes and military helicopters but never seen anything like these. they seemed to be in the distance towards arkansas nuclear one power plant! i hope this was detailed enough as it kind of shook me up! i stayed outside for several hlours afterwards watching the skies for more movement but saw nothing else!

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