UFO Sighting in Santa Rosa, California on 2017-01-28 18:45:00 – Ufo started out as bright light, then swopped down and hovered over us. then ascended back up and hovered.

We were driving home around 6:45pm on saturday january 28, 2017. it was me and my boyfriend in the car. we were about a mile from our house and i noticed a really bright light in the sky. i asked him “woah is that a planet?” it almost looked like a planet or really bright star. he said he didn’t think so and it just started getting closer and closer. before we knew it, it was flying directly over our car and it was so close we could see details underneath the craft. it has red and green blinking lights down the belly of the craft and was long, rectangular and wingless. i was almost convinced it was some sort of missal. i couldn’t believe what i was seeing and both of us still cant comprehend what happened. we finished driving home and saw some police cars headed toward the direction of the scene. when we got home we could still see the craft hovering in the sky from our house. it seemed to go back up higher in the sky. it hovered in the same spot for about 10 minutes, then it started going back in the direction it initially came from. while it was hovering we captured a video. it was really high up in the sky at this point. it slowly started getting higher in the sky and further away. soon after it disappeared a really fast(plane?)flew after the craft and followed its direction. the plane made a really loud sound up in the sky and you could tell it was going extremely fast.

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