Black Triangle Sighting in Yelm, Washington on 2017-01-08 02:00:00 – Black triangle craft with red and white lights descending to treeline from the east

At 1:27am pacific, january 29th i went outside to try and observe some meteor showers from the virgo constellation. after watching jupiter for a while i heard some noise that was a sort of a low frequency rumbling. i check my phone, the time is just before 2:00 am. after a quick scan of the horizon i what appears to be another star in the sky that i haven’t seen before. i focused my binoculars on the object then realized it had a red flash of light every so often in between being visible at all. after that i realized this was something entirely different and proceeded to pull out my phone and record what i saw. after around 30 seconds the object came into view of my naked eyes and it, at first glance, looked the red lights underneath a helicopter so i stopped my phone’s video recording. although i at that very moment i thought it was a helicopter i soon came to realize that object wasn’t at all what it at first appeared to be. as i continued to watch this helicopter it continues to travel, from my perspective, in a straight path all the way until its within a few hundred feet in elevation above the horizon. by this point this craft has already passed below the treeline while maintaining its original trajectory. at this time i get a really good look at the “helicopter” that’s in question as it transited the treeline. it continued in the same north-westerly . this craft was entirely something else. the object was in the shape of a triangle. it had lights on its underside. there were multiple main lights on outer edges of the craft’s three corners. in the center there was a larger area, well lit by a yellow glow that was a different kind of light than the main underside lighting. in contrast to that- the craft would occasionally pulse a significantly brighter red light that was also larger in the center of the underside of the craft. this red light pulsation was at a slow pattern which i could not discern due to the variance between each red flash. it was a completely foreign pattern that did not fit anything i’ve seen before. the triangular craft was pointed on the top and tapered down along the edges to a point at 3 different sides. the material that was illuminated appeared dark, almost black but there was also a faint layer of iron oxide on the surface (or so it seemed). there were structural lines on this unidentified craft that had sharp angels. some panels appeared to be glowing white (windows?) but they were completely opaque. the craft, at this point, was visible between two trees that were completely bare of all leaves. as i stood in my backyard looking up i continued to watch this craft hover-fly over the field of a nearby school to the north until it became completely obscured by the side of my house. after the craft had gone out of site and the sound had dissipated the time was 2:09 am. not even a few moments after the craft disappears i hear every dog in my neighborhood starting to bark wildly. then the dogs all stopped at once. i started feeling an eerie cold wind and a cold chill running up my spine. i went inside.

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