UFO Sighting in Simi Valley, California on 2017-01-29 20:42:00 – Multiple lights in diamond formation with bluish-white light pill shaped orb following behind that moved up and down.

My husband was outside putting the trash cans out and he came into the house and in a serious tone said “come outside!” it was about 8:40 p.M. i go out and he tells me to look at the sky, and i do and i don’t see anything, except for stars. then i notice the stars looked like they were moving at an abnormal rate of speed. i was confused for a moment and then my eyes make out a formation of three lights in a perfectly straight line spaced pretty far apart moving perfectly together. i have a fear of aliens, and was scared so i looked away, and when i looked up again i saw the same thing. my husband however saw a huge formation of lights making a diamond pattern. i don’t know whether it was one craft or many making the light formation. the lights looked exactly like the stars in the sky. same color, same size. he saw the lights go on for a bit and then off for a bit. toward the end of the light formation, there was another light source. it looked like it was a pill shape and illuminating a bluish-white light, the color of led lights. it moved up and down, and was nothing i have ever seen. it was bigger than the other lights.

the sky was clear, as we have been having winds, and the stars were visible. afterwards we noticed an abundance of airplanes in the sky. we aren’t sure if we’ve just never noticed them before or if there was in fact more than normal.

we both tried to take a video with our iphones but you can’t see anything.

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