UFO Sighting in Rockhall, Maryland on 1976-09-17 05:30:00 – something big an round flew 10 feet over my head while i was in a greedy and it was transparent

On september 17 1976 my father had taken me deer hunting we were hunting with bow and arrow. i was 15 almost 16 but he would always walk me in the dark through the woods to my treestand he always told me to sit still here i’ve seen deer here.My father was a quite the hunter, hunted in canada as well.Anyway i’ve never spoke of this before i’ve always felt it was supposed to be a secret somehow. it’s been 40 years but i remember it like it just happened. my walk me through the woods as usual we found my treestand it wasn’t like yet because my father used a flashlight to show me it he told me he been down there looking there was plenty of deer that will be coming out of the soybean field around 25 yards from my treestand on the edge of the wood line as soon as the sun came up. and he’d be on the opposite side of the field in his stand the field was probably 300 yards wide. anyway i got into my stand my father went out of sight maybe 45 minutes my eyes adjusted to the sun starting to rise had been a calm day no wind blowing no rain no nothin then i heard up the tree line the leaves on the trees rustling i looked up there the small trees were shaking back and forth making the leaves fall out i watched it has the tree started shaking closer and closer and closer to me as i looked up in the tree i fell what i can only playing as if you’re driving down the highway on a hot day that hazy look you see on the road it was above the trees 15-20 feet coming down the tree line towards me i could see the sky but it was hazy and swirling i was in a tree i’d say 16 inches in diameter when it got you my tree my tree started to shake i grabbed it to hold on because it was shaking very hard meantime i was looking up it i’d say when i looked up at it it took two minutes for it to finally go past me over my head no more than 10 feet the only noise it made was what’s the swishing of the wind and leaves i’m guessing it was 50 yards to 80 yards round as i looked up i could see the edge after it went by trees quite shaking and the sky cleared up. i sat and watch the tree shake and wimbrow until it was out of my sight i couldn’t see no more trees shake it i know how my father was if i would have told him i probably would have got laughed at by him and his hunting club friends the only thing he said to me that morning around 10:30 he came back he said my face looked like it had gotten windburned.It stayed kinda reddish for a couple days. that’s it.Thanks for listening feel good to tell it somehow

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