UFO Sighting in Savannah, Georgia on 2011-05-18 00:00:00 – Awake in bed to find a stranger in my room with techology ontop my ex girlfriends stomach. black fireflies and crystal step pyramid

Asleep in my bed i awaken to strange animal noises outside. i open my eyes and look to my right seeing my now ex-girlfriend. immediately i notice she has something on her chest that’s emanating light and resembles a crystal/glass step pyramid with a roy g biv ribbon spinning in the center of this pyramid. the pyramid is approximately 7 or 8 in tall. my eyes notice movement behind the pyramid. my heart sinks as i fear the worst and for the first time the being came into view. standing over the bed and blocking the only exit. it stands about 5’8” and is hundreds of floating black orbs assimilating in the shape of a human. i was so scared and trapped in my room so i closed my eyes and started saying jesus over and over, in my head afraid to make noise. i then start to notice the animal noises moving like “tides” slowly getting louder and closer to my left side… up unto this point the animals noises were coming from my right side. this process of animal noises moving in and out like tides continues until my left ear is seemingly next to some kind of cockroach/cricket noise moving on my pillow. it sounded like the “bug noise” went into my left ear. that is the last thing i remember besides the fear.

1.In bed asleep
2.Animal noises
3.An intruder
4.Black penny size orbs floating in the shape of a human/ color ribbon inside a see-thru step pyramid spinning…
5.Fear, heart was pounding, afraid he was going to acknowledge me, i didnt want to make a noise. the only thing i could do was close my eyes and say jesus in my head over and over.
6.Closed my eyes and refused to look again.

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