UFO Sighting in Vernon, British Columbia on 2017-01-31 00:00:00 – Small planet like entity moving

I was laying in bed and noticed a “star” outside my window. i love stargazing, so i sat for a few seconds watching as i fell asleep. i noticed that the small orb like object made a sudden jerk, and looked as if it went down a ski slope, then slowly returned to it’s original position. i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me so i went and stood up and looked. for close to 35 minutes, this orb danced. it moved quickly, it moved slowly, it went in figure eights, all remaining within, to my eye, an inch radius of itself. i tried filming it but the light was not bright enough to be picked up by either my phone nor my camera. i also went to my mums room to tell her and noticed the same thing happening outside her window, but not as actively. it could not have been a drone as it was too high- and who would fly one at midnight?-, not an airplane as it did not move in a certain path, not a satellite as it moved too quickly.
by 12:45, i watched it slowly become dim, and within a minute, it disappeared.
i have no idea what i saw, but i figured it would be better to share than to keep this to myself. too weird to be something everyday and ordinary.

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