Drones Set to Target Christmas Island’s Feral Cats

In the land down under, feral cats slaughter an estimated 75 million native animals each day. That threat to biodiversity prompted the Australian government to declare it would kill 2 million feral cats over five years starting in 2015. As part of that campaign, officials plan to enlist a drone air force capable of dropping poisoned cat bait on […]

Lasers Illuminate the Evolution of Flight

Firing lasers at fossils continues to be a winning strategy for paleontologists. The new technique brings hidden details in fossils to the forefront, including remnants of soft tissue invisible to the naked eye. And a team of researchers from China is using the laser-assisted images to help piece together the evolutionary process that turned dinosaurs into […]

UFO Article (Blog): “The Australian scientist who was a potent part of the UFO ‘Invisible College’ – Dr. Michael Duggin (1937-2016) – a tribute”

By Bill Chalker, 30 January 2017 (The OZ Files, Sydney, Australia) Quote from the article: “Dr. Michael Duggin (1937 – 2016) Australian scientist, member of the original ‘invisible college’ study of UFOs, a senior scientist with the US Air Force Research Labs at Kirtland Air Force Base.” http://theozfiles.blogspot.com/2017/01/the-australian-scientist-who-was-potent.html Dr. Michael Duggin, Australian Scientist(U.S.Air Force/theozfiles.blogspot.com photo)

The UFO Reality: Mysterious Lights in the Skies or ET?

 Credit: 3 News Las Vegas      LAS VEGAS (KSNV News3LV) — The Central Intelligence Agency calls them their X-files. Thousands of declassified documents now posted online with photographs, witness accounts, research and newspaper articles. The collection is one of the largest official UFO databases ever to be made available to the public. By […]

A Weekend Camping Trip Is Enough to Reset Your Internal Clock

Humans have been fighting our internal clocks ever since we invented sitting around a campfire. We have powerful natural rhythms that keep us on a 24-hour cycle; if you’ve ever been steamrollered by jet lag after an intercontinental flight, you know how powerful those rhythms are. But we muffle them with caffeine, alarm clocks, and electric lights. It’s easy to […]

The Forgotten Domain of the Gut Microbiome

Over the last few years, the range of known organisms living in the human gut – that complex milieu of microbes known as the microbiome – has expanded dramatically. They influence your health, your appearance, and your behavior in largely unknown ways, and yet, despite the thousands of studies that have been published on the […]

Winston Churchill and E.T.

      It was 1939, and the storm of history’s greatest conflict was gathering on the European continent. The situation for Britain was ominous. But even in those terrible, By Seth ShostakSETI2-28-17 turbulent times, Winston Churchill took the opportunity to speculate on the possibility of intelligent beings elsewhere in the cosmos, and commit his […]

UFO Sighting Over Nuclear Missile Silo Still Resonates

      It’s been nearly 50 years since Robert Salas was a young missileer stationed at Malmstrom Air Force Base and, on a mid-March night in a silo near Roy, became an unwitting witness to history. By Scott ManschGreat Falls Tribune2-26-17 […] “They told me about strange lights in the sky,” Robert says. “I […]

Mike Heiser Being Controversial on TV

Here’s a link to an experimental talk show on Faithlife TV (my employer). It’s an intentionally provocative TV talk show that focuses on questions or topics that Christians think about but don’t bring up so as to avoid controversy. I’m the co-host with my friend Johnny Cisneros. We don’t worry about creating controversy. Someone has to generate […]

Dog poop, dead rats, and maggots: this study’s got it all!

Choices, choices. We all make them, and some are more fun than others. It turns out that flies also make choices, and the choices they make are influenced by their current situations. Take this (disgusting) experiment: here, scientists had green bottle flies choose which scent to follow. Either the flies could follow the delicious scent […]

UFO Sighting in San Antonio, Texas on 2017-02-28 08:40:00 – I was looking in the sky at birds and i noticed a black horeshoe shaped object that looked metal floating in the sky and then i told my boyfriend to look and we were both staring and it moved to a straight path and i was looking for it and didnt see it

I was looking at the birds in the sky and also checking my mail box and i looked up in the sky and noticed a horseshoe black object floating in the sky at first i thought it was a balloon but i noticed the u horseshoe shape and it was metal looking and it did […]