Jacques Vallee Continues UFO Research

Jacques Vallee Continues UFO Research

     Recently a person who calls himself “Concerned Earthling” wrote a fan letter (1) to Jacques Vallee (2), a noted computer scientist, venture capitalist, and UFO investigator to inquire why he was withdrawing from the field of UFO research. Vallee wrote back(3), reassuring the fan that he was not entirely separating himself from UFO studies, but plans to continue delving into the phenomenon.
By Mark Whittington
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As a computer scientist, Vallee started to notice common patterns in not only UFOs but also religious visitations, sightings of cryptids, and psychic phenomenon going back throughout history. He believes that every one of these events, once one accounts for events caused by natural phenomenon, is the result of a nonhuman consciousness, likely from another dimension, attempting to manipulate the consciousness of human beings to effect social change.

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