UFO Sighting in Liverpool, England on 1980-07-16 03:00:00 – It came over us, orb with neon colours stopped 20 feet away watched it move away then went across horizon so fast landed then took off and left a gold light behind wich quickly followed it

Walking up elephant lane a lad shouted look and there it was coming down and over us an orb about ten feet high and neon colours changing a bit like a lava lamp, it stopped about twenty feet away and about three feet of the ground, we watched it go to the horizon and it shot from one end of the horizon to the other a couple of times at speeds hard to fathom then it went down for a couple of minutes then it came up again stopped, then shot straight up so fast it left a gold line behind it wich shot up behind it! the gold line went as far up as you can see past the stars then shot up behind it, i then run home shouting i’ve just seen a ufo got my dad up took him to we’re we seen it and explained what i’d seen , i never got the lads name and still regret running of and not getting his name!

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