UFO Sighting in Moon, Pennsylvania on 2002-10-31 00:00:00 – Two teardrop shaped larger star looking with tail flew at right angles in formation. steph r kennedy seen it too

Well me and my ex was walking from her home one street up to my house. she happened to look at the cloudless night sky. she asked what do comets look like. i said a white ball with a tail. just like a teardrop in shape. she said so like that and pointed at the sky. i seen it then. we noticed a second one with it. but it was off to the left well our left. they proceeded to make right angle turns. perfect right angles. in uniform. they didn’t keep going the same direction but worked their way back up the street in a sense but they continued mostly going the direction we first saw them going. eventually about a half hour they went out of sight because of the roof of my building. our necks were sore from staring up. they were way higher than any plane flies and the speed must have been pretty high. seeing passenger planes all my life because of the airport in moon twp i knew it was going way too fast to be normal and making turns without slow at all i was amazed. i was grateful that at least i didn’t see it alone. i was not sure if i should say anything to anyone because i didn’t want to be thought crazy or just wanting attention. we talked a lot about it that night and honestly hoped it was ours well manmade. unless they us know how to turn on a dime going that fast then it was something else.

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