UFO Sighting in Pasadena, Maryland on 2017-02-01 22:35:00 – I saw what looked like a flaming blob of light that was hovering slightly above the tree line near an open field.

I was driving westward and i saw an object roughly the size of a penny or nickel that was emitting a lot of light and almost looked like it was in flames. it was hovering above the tree line and was colored with a blend of red, orange, yellow and white. it simply hovered and kind of had an aura to it that showed that there was quite of a bit of energy involved in whatever was happening. i first noticed the colors of the object as being unusual for my area and the size of the light source was big. when i first noticed the object, i thought it might be a light from a plane but realized that it was too big and colored differently than all the others i had seen while driving prior. i was surprised by what i was seeing and was disappointed when the passenger riding in my car didn’t see the object. it made me curious and i was hoping that i would be able to find it again but i couldn’t as i drove away. on my way back home, just a few minutes later, i was unable to spot the object again, although i did attempt to find it in the same location again.

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