Black Triangle Sighting in Maricopa, Arizona on 2017-02-01 23:00:00 – My nephew seen a orange light, then a 2nd, 3rd then 4th in the video i seen a 5th. he has seen this before. it came again while i was filing this report

I’m filing this report on behalf of my nephew. he is the one that saw the ufo. he told me that even while i was getting his information on this the object appeared again but very briefly. he said that he had seen this object once before, one year ago.

it was dark out and my nephew went to sit outside when he noticed what looked like a single flare in the sky. then there was two, three then four. he said the lights flickered. in the video i noticed a fifth light. the lights on the video are in a triangular pattern with a light on each “tip” but on one of the “tips” there are two lights side by side and also i see a fifth light to the right of the triangular light pattern. in the video all the lights looked fixed as if they are all positioned on one solid object.

my nephew told me that this object did not move. he said that in person the lights looked bright like orange street lights but in the video i can see that there is more then one color: white, blue, red, yellow and orange. he said the lights flickered and that is noticeable in the video. it almost seems that in the video each light is a group of smaller lights.

from where he was at to where he saw these lights he said it was quite a distance and therefore the size of this object could be miles long.

the moment he saw the first light he got excited – you can easily tell this in the video. he sent me several clips of the object. the total amount of video he recorded was 11 mins. i got a little over two minutes.

he said that the lights were over a highway and was surprised that he didn’t hear any reports of others seeing these lights.

the lights had just faded out the same way they faded in. again, during this whole time he said the object did not move.

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