Chelyabinsk-sized Asteroid Set to Pass between Earth and the Moon on Feb 2, 2017

Here is another newly found asteroid set to pass very close to our planet.

Asteroid 2017 BS32 set to pass between Earth and the Moon Feb. 02. The space rock was first observed by Catalina Sky Survey on 2017-01-30.

It will fly by Earth at a distance of 161 280 km which is about 0.4 times the distance to the Moon at a speed (relative to the Earth) of 11.57 km/s. It is estimated to be 11 m – 26 meters in size.

The asteroid which has a condition code of 7 belongs to a group of asteroids, named Aten.

More disturbing is the fact that the last days an increasing number of newly discovered asteroids passed the Earth less than 5 LD , while 2017 BS32 is the fourth asteroid to pass Earth, below 1 LD – Lunar Distance, since January 8, 2017!


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