UFO Sighting in California on 2017-01-31 00:00:00 – Glowing whitish sphere’s passed over my head while driving down the boulevard. a few seconds later, a black high tech helicopter was intensely following behind.

I was driving down the boulevard, when two very bright whitish glowing spheres, passed over my head. the objects were startling, because of the size, color, and their very fluid motion, moving through the sky. i have never witnessed such fluidity, as if they were gliding or hovering through the sky. i thought the objects were drones for a split second, but the size and motion of the objects, made it seem unlikely. i saw a black high tech military helicopter, come into my vision. it was shocking to see such a advanced high tech black military helicopter. i have never witnessed an aircraft like that before.The helicopter followed the objects in a very tactical manner, then the lights suddenly disappeared. the helicopter kept in the objects direction, until out of sight. it was very strange to witness the objects because of their characteristics, but the military helicopter confirmed the eeriness of the objects and this event.

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