UFO Sighting in Hephzibah, Georgia on 2017-02-02 05:50:00 – Walked out back door, saw ufo hover by.

I was fixing some noodles in my microwave, when i had to pee. so i walked out my back door and started peeing. thats when i saw the ufo. i originally thought it was a plane but i could tell it wasnt one, it was really big and pretty close but i couldn’t make out any specific details because it was dark, but it was kinda saturn shaped. kinda like the dome shaped ones if they were mirrored top to bottom. it had red and green lights around the outside of the ship. when i first saw it i was confused then once i realized what it was i was scared and excited at the same time, once it left i and it was clear it wasn’t coming back i stood there about 5 minutes in shock and awe. i first notices it because of how big and close it was. it flew across the sky and behind some trees. it was at this time i ran to grab my phone to record it but i was too late.

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