ET Craft but why the Sun casts a Shadow?

The latest images of the sun captured on February 2, 2017 show a huge alien craft orbiting the Sun but another important question that we should ask ourselves: ‘Why in the images, see video below, we can see the shadow of the sun”?

What is meant by ‘shadow’? Is it acceptable to say that a shadow is the result of the prevention of electromagnetic energy being sent by one object, from being received by another object and anything that gets between the source and the detector, will cast a shadow?

If so, then in the case where the interfering object radiates the same spectrum and relative amplitude as the source, it will also cast a shadow, but it would not be detectable.

Therefore, the sun does cast a shadow when it interferes between a source and a detector!

If it is true that a ‘unknown’ source and a ‘unknown’ detector are required to cast a shadow, is it possible, as several physicists already have suggested, that our Universe is not real and instead a giant simulation?


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