UFO Sighting in Anaheim, California on 2017-01-01 10:14:00 – While on vacation in anaheim ca on jan 1, 2017, i noticed a daylight orb in the sky from a hotel parking lot. took pics.

Exiting my rental car on new years day at a hotel parking lot across from the honda center in anaheim ca. the sighting took place around 10 am in the morning. the pics are time stamped between 10:13am to 10:20am.

noticed a object brighter against the background of wispy clouds which appeared motionless in a high sky. the object looked more unusual as i continued to view the object. i could not discern what exactly was happening as the primary object appeared to be changing shape or part of the object drooped below and broke off into a second object. a process reminiscent of mitosis. in the first photo there are 2 distinct objects!

i felt like i was looking at something very unusual. not an aircraft but maybe a balloon but not some type of illegally flown consumer drone. maybe a weather balloon but that opinion did not last very long. as i would lose sight of the object then seconds later catch another glimpse of the object lower in the sky and closer to my vantage point.

when i first noticed the object it was difficult to track. the object appeared motionless. then after gaining my bearings, checking the view finder of my iphone6 then back to the sky i would lose sight of the object. i spent more time looking for the object and blindly shooting photos.

at one point while watching the object nearing the honda center, i noticed an approaching airliner, at that point the object seemingly disappeared into wispy clouds. after the airliner flew by i began scanning the sky to the left of the honda center and saw the object re-appear again but much closer. closer than the previous location moments before the approaching airliner.

after taking the photos i looked around the hotel parking lot to see if anyone notice the object or me photographing the sky. various hotel residents and staff were milling about near the front of the hotel taking a smoke break oblivious of the moment. when i looked back at the sky around the honda center the object was gone.

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