UFO Sighting in ANDOVER, England on 1977-06-07 15:00:00 – Ufo was like a giant pulsating flare

I have decided to do this report after watching “hangar 1-the ufo files” on blaze.

this happened at my childhood home, in the same town as address i have given.

this happened on the day of the street parties for the silver jubilee in 1977. that’s why i am so sure of the date.
the sighting was whitnessed by myself and various people, really not sure how many. really not sure why i looked up to be quite honest.

though i was only 12 at the time, it has always stayed with me as if it was yesterday.
it was a sunny day with white fluffy clouds. the object was seen going between these clouds, from right to left.

i had a unusual feeling that this was strange, not sure why.

it is so vivid….. the object looked like a huge silver pulsating, christmas tree shape,(which had been put on its side.)
it made no noise that i can remember.
myself and my friend phoned the local raf base. i think they thought we were messing around. we told them what we saw, and this as always stayed with me, they eventually said that it was a flare as they had a missing aircraft. even at 12, i thought this was a load of rubbish.

we heard later that day, other people had seen a strange object in the sky.

** i would like to know whether this was indeed something normal or indeed, a alien space craft.

this sighting has always stayed with me and ever since, i have seen strange objects in the sky. not every now and again, but probably about 8 times since that date to this.

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