UFO Sighting in I live between Edinburgh , on 2011-07-31 03:29:00 – I have seen somthing that was already caught on camara it was filmed in the west bank gasa

I seen a large building sized ufo i was walking back from my friends home early on a sunday morning when i cum uo over a hump back bridge and i seen the side of somthing dark glistening i was unsure what i was looking at as i keept walking i could see a very larg shimmering surface it looks like water or cling film as i walked further past the few houses need the bridge i seen a shape as if it was vanishing and when i got closer on the towards the turn bend on the road i looked again in total shock and amazement i was looking up at a structured building that looked to be hovering but i could see somthing else that was full length that was masking it’s structure with total stelth the part that i could see was very large with two striped red lines on it with a smaller structure at the top left of the other structure i could see that was visible the other part thst was hide was showing off a marker light to its top left it was like it was imitating a star in the sky i know straight away i was looking at somthing i have already seen in a ufo documentary from the early nintendo ninties i could hardly take a breath as i watched the massive structure the smaller part on the top far left was changing it’s stuctural shape and i count even understand or work out how it was doing this i stood for almost 50 to 55 minuts watching the structure then i started to work out what it was looking at for it was in know way interested in me looking at what they were doing i could see the structure changing shapes it went from looking like a post pillar box shape somthing resembling a speed camara box then it changed shape into what looked somthing like a automatic washing machine i could see all sorts of things in and around the rest of part ove the ufo building sized craft it was totally breath taking i even tried to talk to it from across the road way it was situated across the road up in a field i stood there utterly terified as i looked over and up at the craft then i got the worst shock ove all when two rows ove windows apeared totally light up with large figures inside the windows were very larg and all conected with very little separation between then in two long rows the window sizes were comparible to the front side ove a norman up and down stairs home i could hardly breath as i looked at several figures moving around behind the windows i could see around seven figures as and more that looked like they were walking out away from the front windows into other compartments behind what could be doors it was at that point i found my breath and desided to start to start walking the rest ove the way back into my home town as fast as i could it was looking right past me whare i was stood into what was thought to be a gas works fir pumping gas but i know it’s used for military porpoises it was scanning the area across the fields when i was too there they didn’t take very much notis ove me the road was very quiet no cars were on the road that night as i walked back towords my home whare i live it is on the same road way in the high street i had to try to wake up my two brothers and there pit bull teri or i knocked and banged on there door i could still see it from that side of two as i was only one mile away from whare i seen it rugby i jumped up onto of the wall i’m my brothers back garden what i could see past the rows ove cottages and i could still see the top half over the craft it was anormous i keept on chapping at my two brothers door and i couldn’t even wake up there dog thst is normally very noise and backing at any small noise or sound to get to their door first to welcome who ever is there i walked out there gate across the road looked back towords the larg building sized craft i could still see it from my line ove sight along both side of the cottage’s that was on the west side ove my two brothers home i went back to there door to bang on there door to try to get them up but i could not even get them to stir atall i jumped buck up on top of there wall that run all the way around there home and looked out again the craft was rising up over to the southwest it gained hight so fast but not like supper fast it rise up like a jet taking of within ten or fifteen seconds it was gone i was very disappointed i could not get my brothers to wake up i have shown them the craft it resembles a isriali building dull of white with two stripes i had seen it befor i have even found it by looking for the video thst somtimes is dificult to get even on youtube the person that recorded it was from the west bank and even they seen the structure was ove a finominal sizes from the video ove it that i seen on yoy tube the mane was filming the building sized structure at the same hight as the very larges jets fly are three thousand feet or much more from the way he had to zoom in on the craft i will never forget that night as long as i live even although i have seen other things nothing comes any whare close to having seen this face to face and i think i just relived it to explain it to you

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