Black Triangle Sighting in Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh on 2017-01-27 18:33:00 – It was like a shooting star but it was moving slowly and was changing direction first it came toward me thr it changed its direction and headed toward north.

Me and my dad was coming home on bike and when i reached home my dad asked me what’s that in the sky. i first thought it was a shooting star but i wasn’t it was moving very slowly and was hovering then it headed towards me. and changed direction this continued for 3 minutes..I called my brother to watch the whole scene i tried to capture it but it was very dark and and my phone camera was not that good but i managed to capture by zooming in..It was a star like object but hovering over and changing direction i am damn sure that it was an ufo… . i couldn’t believe that something like that was flying over our place i thought these things are only seen outside india but ive seen this and strongly believe that we are not alone.. they do exist and are keeping an eye on us..

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