UFO Sighting in Canton, Michigan on 1992-08-20 00:00:00 – Large brightly glowing orb seen over park in canton, floated into woods and then above it

I was driving west through a suburban neighborhood late at night 25 miles an hour. on my left, to the south, was a small neighborhood park with a patch of woods to the west of it. as i was driving past the park a bright flash of light, like a car headlight, caught my attention on the edge of the park near the woods. i ignored it at first but then saw it, out of the corner of my eye, move upward and fade. i slowed down the car and saw that it was still glowing but had the shape of an orb. it was about the size of a volkswagon bug and was around thirty feet above the ground entering the forest. it was quickly obscured by the trees but still visible as i slowly crept forward in the car. it clearly lit up the park and i remember it lighting up the trees, but it’s been a long time and i’m not sure if i definitely saw the light reflected on the trees or not. it moved slowly through the trees and then went above the tree line where it was less visible, or disappeared off and on, while it moved west.

i drove past the woods to where i thought it would end up, but it had disappeared. i then saw it appear again further to the south west and followed it, weaving through neighborhoods to try to get below it. i turned onto canton center road and it was ahead of my car and to the right. i looked at the road again and looked up and it was directly to my right…Around 200 hundred feet away. i looked to the road again and had to slam on my breaks because there was a large animal in the road. it looked like a black panther. it ran into the parking lot of the canton public library.

at that point i completely forgot about the ufo and turned into the library parking lot to find the animal. it had disappeared. i sat in my car for a few moments until i freaked out and left to go to a friend’s house.

i’m not suggesting there is a connection between the ufo and the animal. a black panther was sighted near a local courthouse shortly thereafter and again, i believe, sighted outside a local schoolhouse a few weeks later. i was glad to see the reports because they verified my story. someone’s illegal pet likely escaped. however, it’s such a strange coincidence that i’d have two weird sighting, one leading to the other, that i figure it should be mentioned. i’m hoping there are possibly other reports from that area in 1992 that mufon may have on file…

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