UFO Sighting in Jeffersonville, Indiana on 1985-11-18 00:00:00 – Hunting trip, 2 of us was chase out of woods at night, my brother was missing for nearly 3 hours.

While deer hunting not far from an military base in the 80s.. which our hunting group had hunted this same woods for over 10 years ..Our group consisted of myself, my father,his friend and my brother..After years of not harvesting a deer ..Me ,my brother and my dads friend decided to poache a deer at night.. after my father went to sleep — ( my father was very strict about hunting laws )

after opening weekend everyone else always heads back to thier home town and we always stayed the whole week giving us the woods to hunt… so with my father sound asleep the 3 of us head into woods down the gravel fire break road.. moon light was descent that night.. we get 1 mile into the woods …Its about the half way point…We sat down on a large log beside a small pond as we did this …Is when we all notice a bright light in the sky down the road ( about 1 mile ),
it looked like a big search light ..Like the kind they use at stores for sales.. but it moved different than those.. and was tree top heighth at best…It was coming towards us down the road and coming fast..My brother thought i was crazy .He was the only one thought it was a sale light, me and davey knew something was wrong .. we thought it was the cops so we heading back.. after argueing for 15 seconds trying to get my brother to leave with us …We took off in a very fast pace .. just as leaving i looked back at my brother to tell him to come on and get up before we go to jail.. at that time i could this light closing in on us very very fast!!! dave and i broke to a full run back to camp as my brother sat on that tree … he had a shot gun ..I had the spot light…As davey and me were raining back i started to look over my right shoulder and to my right and right beside me is bright white ball of light ..But no light was coming from it. it was just like it was a ball of that had a thin bright blue line around it… it was 3-4 foot across.. i then looked to my left to see if davey was seeing it …I could see there was one on his left and it was the same as mine. it made no noise ..Its fall time ,all leaves are on the ground , trees are bear…I did notice that when it passed in front of a tree ..That it magnify it many times ..I would say it would make a ant look like it was the size of a cat ..I could see the bark of the tree perfect . this ball light was within 5 foot of me and moving the going same speed as we were running for about 300 yards. about 100 yards from camp it disappear.. after catching our breath.. we wondering what to do.. get my dad up and get in trouble or go back in after my brother.. so we grab our shot guns and bigger spot lights and headed back in.. after getting about 50 yards in we notice nothing was making any sounds ..It was dead silent not even a cricket .. we shine are spot lights in all directions while in a lound whisper …. rodney its ok come out ..Doing this repeatedly all the way back to where my brother should have been.. he was not there..So we keep going to the end of road. we turn around repeated calling out to rodney the whole way back to camp. he was not there.. so we when back again , this time yelling ..So loud it was echoing off the rigdes.. after going to the end of the road and back and still no rodney.. remember he had no light!! by now 2 hours have passed by now … not wanting to wake my dad up .. that’s big trouble !! we did the whole thing one more time.. so now we have walked pass where we left my brother 6 times…After getting back to camp i had to face my father and get him up..So i did ..After telling him what had happen he told davey to go to town to the police department for help .. as davey headed for the car .. rodney comes walking out of the woods as if nothing is wrong .. i yelled asking where in the hell he had been .. he says he sat there and finish his cigarette and then got up and walked to camp ..That should only taking him 30 to 45 min.. i told him we had been looking for him nearly 3 hours..He thought we were kidding.. he then looked at his wrist watch and said its only 9:15 … we show him all three of our watches saying 11:50 .. to the day he died he thought we played a joke on him .. and on the day that he died .. one of the last things we talked about was that night . he wanted to know if we were playing a joke on him or if he was adducked that night.. that was the last time we ever when back their to hunt.. the four of us never talked about it for years …My brother was never the same after that night and neither was i . still to this day i still scared to go into woods night.. there’s many details i’m leaving out of this store… just to much to type..Sorry.

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