Black Triangle Sighting in Houston, Texas on 2016-02-03 19:00:00 – Cloaked, vast, immesurable immense mothership camoflauged byt claoking device straight atop of us in night cloud cover , 1st, amazing

okay in the houston, katy texas area right off of 1-10 directly above our car my wife (who recently began looking up fearlessly leading the way for me to follow)looking up and out the sun roof bc she said she had the inkling or feeling todo so points out to me which looks like 2 black dots or holes which could just be a break in the cloud cover except the i could see the coulds moving in between us and the 2 black dots which later turned out to be 3 dots. so i could see the low night fog moving over these dots so therfore it wasnt a break in the cloud cover which encouraged me to look up while at the very long red light so as i am looking up a random area in the above fog surrounding these dots gets a very slight but noticable illumination of sorts at which point for around 5-10 sec i cann see a portion of this ship above us in the low cloud cover and it opens up and a disk/ boomerang shaped object comes out of it . aftre seeing this i hurried up and pulled into a parking lot off the side of frontage road at which point me and my wife continue to look up and agian after a short time anorther very subtle illumination take splace reveiling this “mother ship” a term i use because of its size which was immesurable ,vast , & made no noise we could hear. it was cloaked in this fog or cloud cover almost as if the ship its self created the fog because once we left the fog seemed to dissappearany hwere from 5 – 10 miles up the highway. this is the first time ive ever seen anything i can honestly say without a doubt was a ufo from out of this world . while under the ship i pulled out and tryed to record a video with my cell phone camera and while under it pfilming up my camera was pixelating and it looked almost like a bunch of particles moving around , kinda like a slight static which after playing back later on was not captured on the recording(s) an then our cell phones both died and woukd not recharge in the car th eremainder of the night and after buying a new car charger still will not work in our relativley new bmw so we think it may be the fuse but its odd that it decide to all of a sudden stop working out of the blue right after this took place. every one in the cars around us was clueless and good thing bc peoiple would have started to freak out probley . my advice start looking up bc once you do you will be suprozed at what you see me and my wife have been driving cross country and katy texas is a hot spot for sure . alot of activity

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