UFO Sighting in Geneva, Illinois on 2017-02-06 01:30:00 – Falling green ball of light with a tail, brighter than i’ve ever seen.

I was sitting in my livingroom across from the window, which overlooks my backyard, watching television at the time. it was about 1:30 in the morning. all of a sudden a bright green light with a white-ish tail came into view falling through the sky. it was extremely bright, even lighting through the lights we had on in the house, making the sight of the object easily seen. my girlfriend was across from me facing toward me and, because the object was so bright, saw the brightness light up the wall behind me enough for her to know something was going on outside. she never actually caught a glimpse herself though. the light fell in a straight/slight parabolic path from the upper left to the bottom right, in the direction of north to about north-north-east.

at first i thought perhaps it was a meteor, but i never saw a meteor that big or bright before as an amateur astronomer. my second guess was that perhaps it was a firework that was set off, due to its vivid color, but i didn’t hear any noise before, during, or after the sighting and saw no explosion. i also heard no sound of impact, if it were a large enough meteor to make it to the ground. the object eventually flew low enough that it disappeared behind the houses and trees.

i was pretty speechless during the sighting, and repeatedly uttered profanity after it disappeared from sight. i honestly don’t know what that was.

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