UFO Sighting in Heflin, Alabama on 2017-02-05 03:18:00 – Ufo sighting and unearthly presence

Early this morning my dogs started barking up a storm a little more than usual. i got up to let them out and they both immediately bee lined to the woods on the corner of my property. i could see the tall grass among the trees a rustling, but couldn’t see anything recognizable. however, the presence that i felt made my head ache almost instantaneously. i got real spooked and had to pick my critters up because they were frozen in fear. i went back in the house and locked all the doors, and tried to make a call to my cousin that lives up the road a spell, but the phone just gave static. when i turned the tv on, just static as well. it was at this time that i looked out the window and seen a tear drop shaped craft just hovering above the tree line, it was pretty far but clearly visible. it had red pulsating lights and i’m sure that i seen a ufo. and i’m damn certain there was some sort of creature out on my property.

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