UFO Sighting in La Vergne, Tennessee on 2017-02-03 09:15:00 – White/golden light hovering or sitting stationary in the sky below a completely over cast sky.

1. i was leaving to take my child to daycare and go to work after.

2. the sky was all grey and dark grey and then there was this one white/golden light.

3. at first i thought it was a plane and then just a light on a radio tower or some sort of tower. then realized the light or object was to high to be part of a tower and missing the other running lights to be a plane. also the object was brighter than a planes lights. the time was around 9:15 am or so.

4. i was sitting at the red light waiting to turn. i just sat and watched it for about 2 or maybe 3 mins. it never moved or dimmed in the sky at all just glowed.

5. i at first tried to dismiss the object as nothing. i am always watching to i try to make sure i know that i am calling a ufo a ufo. less than a min after seeing the object i was sure of what i was seeing.

6. at this point i was sure of what i was seeing. my wife called and when i turned to answer the phone and in less then the two to three seconds it took for me to answer it was no longer there sitting in the sky. the white/golden object was gone and the sky way empty.

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