Tornado hits NASA Facility while UFO moving around the Tornado in Akers, Louisiana

Severe thunderstorms barreled through the Southeast on February 7, 2017, dropping multiple tornadoes in southern Louisiana.

A resident near one of these tornadoes in Akers, Louisiana caught a strange object zipping around the tornado, despite high winds.

A single white object can be seen among the clouds moving around. The movement of the clouds indicates substantial winds, but the object moves about seemingly effortlessly.

Could or would a bird fly around tornado clouds like that? If so, it is a very white and reflective bird.

Perhaps it is a coincidence but the Tornado also hits the NASA assembly facility in Michoud, Louisiana. The facility sustained damage as the tornado passed through and the campus lost power.

A Lockheed Martin spokesman told The Washington Post all of their employees are accounted for but couldn’t speak for the NASA employees. The smell of natural gas was reported near the facility.


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