UFO Sighting in Sacramento, California on 2017-02-07 05:50:00 – Unknown

On the morning of 2/7/2017 at appx 0550 hrs i awoke suddenly. i needed to use the restroom. i walked from the bedroom, down the hallway and into the restroom, leaving the lights off and door open as i normally do.
at this moment i heard a jet engine take off from the east heading west. i then heard the jet closely overhead and the sound of a projectile being fired followed immediately by a second projectile. immediately following the second projectile i heard the sound of a second jet engine take off close by heading from east towards the west.I remember looking up toward the ceiling and it was dark in the restroom. where i live, we are proximal to mcclellan afb and beale afb.
i stayed in the restroom. my attention is drawn to the right of the shower. the light is now on and the bathroom door closed. i then heard a siren, kind of like an all clear buzzer/booming sound and a loud voice. i heard a voice that sounded very angry say the word “merqab”. i looked over to the wall. i saw what appeared to be a transparent rectangle, i could see the outline. it was a charcoal color, like someone had taken a pen to draw an outline. i could make out a wave like motion. it was fully self contained. it disappeared after about 2 minutes. there is an air conditioning vent above the area but the heater was not on at that time.
i do not remember being aware of it disappearing but i do know that it was gone at a point and i noticed my dog suzy enter the restroom by pushing the door open with her head.I looked at her and kind of shook my head, looking into the mirror and said “ok”, washed my hands, turned off the light.
i entered into the kitchen area and looked at the clock on the oven. it said 0605. i walked back to the bedroom and wrote down the series of events with dates and times and a brief description of events. i got back into bed but could not fall asleep. i got up after appx 3 hours of tossing. i have been told that my mood is marginally elevated today. my wife and i have begun noticing a strong ammonia smell from the living room area. i shampooed the carpet in there yesterday so there should not be this smell today. this has happened several times in the past but it was not associated with the carpet being shampooed. i have also been experiencing a low frequency tone/ringing in my ears today as well.

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