Black Triangle Sighting in Orange City, Florida on 2017-02-07 23:20:00 – Cold clear night, very dark sky, the stars were shimmering when a triangle craft moving from the southeast toward the northwest flew a straight line, it was very clear and pronounced.

On, monday, 02-06-17, at 11:00pm i was working in my home/office for 9 to 10 hours on a project which had to get finished. i needed to stretch and get some fresh air so i went outside to walk around. in florida we do not get many ultra-clear nights due to humidity and temperature but this night was chilly approximately 52-53 degrees. i was overlooking the lake and was mesmerized by the number of stars that was visable, i immediately was able recognize constilations that are normally not visable. i stood there looking up for about 20 minutes when an object moving from the southeast to the northwest caught my eye. after i spotted it, i was in dismay because it looked identicle to a tr-3b form the aurora project which is supposedly top secret classification. it was moving at a fast rate of speed as it took approximately 35-40 seconds to cross from one horizon to the other. due to the time that it took to travel in my field of vision i could clearly see the outline of the triangle craft that would black out the stars behind it. there was a light at each corner that was a bright pearl-like, almost white, appearence with much smaller reddish blinking lights (barely visable) on the tip of the corners. in the center of the belly of the craft was a larger reddish/orangeish light, approximately 1/3 of the size of this craft. it was not as predominant obvious pearl-like lights but it was definitely there. the craft was maneuvering at an high altitude but low enough to observe the object without question, it was a little smaller than a golfball which gave an extrodinary opportunity to view it in detail. i noticed at that time there were no other aircraft that was in view it was the only thing in the sky which is unusal for central florida.

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