UFO Sighting in Lake Mary, Florida on 2017-02-07 00:00:00 – Me and my roomate both saw a bright object that looked like a star move in one dirction toward the cloud cover and the turn and come back out the way it came

Last night i was in my back yard looking up at the night sky. i saw what i thought was two stars. one of the stars started moving slowly. i thought it was weird so i called my roomate outside to see what she thought. we both watched as the star like object moved in one direction toward the clouds. it was bright enough to see the object stop and hover in one position for a few minutes, then come back out of the clouds in the same way it came in. after watching the object for about five more minutes it just disappeared. it didnt blink or have any red, green or white lights like a airplane and it did not move like a air plane. it was definitely weird.

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