UFO Sighting in Santa Rosa, California on 2016-12-15 22:00:00 – Bthe hyperdimensional beings and transport come through street lights and other ways ( electricity)

I have 400 videos and pictures. (all verifiable) that have been tested by a spiritual psychologist and center in australia and u.K. i am a highly sensitive person to energies and see and feel other realms or vibrations. i have proof of spirits or hyperdimensional beings, bigfoot and prints, ufo (beetle shaped, cylinder shaped , and one with a catfish looking face) also i wrote down the symbols i saw on one craft. it was from the ancients(angel language)that seemed to be directions n s e w . similar to runes . i also know of the cloud realms and have pictures . fairy realms (pictures) some are disturbing to ppl, i am sure there is an entrance by my house to underground bases or city. they do not cause me harm, but i do not feel ok with the ones here now. i have ppl who can back my experiences up, photos, video . lifelong experience

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