UFO Sighting in Yellowknife, Northwest Territorie on 1968-07-31 00:00:00 – Myself and 2 friends were abducted, taken aboard a ufo, and medically examined.

Report of ufo abduction experience

in the summer of 1968 i was living in yellowknife, northwest territories when i received a phone call that a carload of friends had been in an accident and needed to be picked up at the nursing station in ft. rae. my car was one of the two that went to get them.

some of the passengers were more seriously injured and the other car was larger so i took the first load of 2 people in my little volkswagen. the others were to follow shortly and we would meet at the stanton hospital in yellowknife.

rm, a young inuit woman, was in front with me and a young man was in the back. suddenly rose mary and i both saw what appeared to be a landed ufo on a higher area of rocks off to the right. it was the traditional saucer shape with windows around the upper section. all i can remember is that we both said something like, “do you see what i see? let’s get out of here”, and i remember driving fast towards a curve in the road ahead. i also kept thinking, “i have to remember this, i have to remember this…”.

strangely, we didn’t discuss it at all and drove straight to the hospital in yellowknife. however when we got there the carload that left after us had already arrived. there is only one road and they hadn’t passed us so they wondered where we had been. i remember standing under a wall clock and wondering how that could possibly be the time as it was much later than it should have been.

several years later, my husband and i were visiting rm and her husband in edmonton and i asked if she remembered when we’d seen that ufo. she responded with a flat “no” and went on talking about something else.

many years after that, my husband, three daughters, and i visited rose mary and her family in inuvik. i’d told my children about the ufo sighting, but told them not to mention it as rm had no memory of it. we’d barely settled in for our visit when our youngest daughter asked about it and again rose mary responded with a flat “no”.

on april 17, 2003 i was hypnotized in grande prairie in an attempt to gain information concerning the lost time. i had a 90 minute session which was taped.

under hypnosis i recalled being taken into the craft along with my two friends and all of us being subjected to physical examinations. they used a plate-like instrument to go over our chests and a pen-type instrument on our abdomens. i also remember something being inserted into the inside of my right eye socket. when asked about it, i responded that i’d been tagged. the hypnotist asked what it made me think of and i said camera. (interestingly, for years after that time, i’d close my eyes and then open them and pretend that my best friend in ontario could see everything i was doing.)

during the abduction experience, i was constantly being reassured that we wouldn’t be hurt and that it would be over soon. i was the second person to be examined and i also remember feeling angry and indignant at being treated like lab specimens. when the examinations were finished, we were told that we wouldn’t remember anything and i remember thinking, “you’re not going to tell me that i won’t remember anything. i will remember”.

when i got home i tried to listen to the tape of the session, but i could only make out the odd word. it sounded as if it had been recorded on a very fast speed. i talked to the hypnotist and she assured me that the tape recorder worked fine before i came and it worked fine after my session. about 8 months later i again tried to listen to the tape, but it was even faster than before and no words could be distinguished at all.

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