UFO Sighting in French River Area, Ontario on 2017-01-05 18:00:00 – Bright white orb coming closer and closer with red orbs surrounding us in the sky.

My girlfriend and i were on our way to the dump with our truck to unload garbage. as i was in the back of the truck unloading my girlfriend noticed a bright white orb like light coming our way. as i was throwing the garbage out of the truck my girlfriend seemed very frightened and was abnormally yelling at me to look because of how close it was coming. i yelled at her to grab my phone so i can take some footage of the light. it came so close that it hovered above the tree line just asif it was watching us. it was very bright and just hovering there silently. my girlfriend was so frightened that she was begging me to jump in the truck and take off because she didnt like the feeling she had. i mentioned to her that it could be a remote control drone and that there was nothing to fear. i stood there laughing and made a joke saying that whoever was flying the drone must of been laughing at us because of how dumb we looked just staring at it. after about 5 minutes my girlfriend noticed all these red and orange , orange/red, green, blue, orbs surrounding us in the sky. they all hovered above us and seemed to be getting closer. at this point we knew for a fact this was no remote control drone because we were seeing something unimaginable. my girlfriend panicked and wanted to take off as fast as possible. she was so scared she was begging and crying that we needed to leave. she ran and jumped in the front seat of the truck (she has no license) lol and was about to take off. i had to run and pull her out and tell her its ok and that i wanted to get some footage. i calmed her down and the red orbs hovered off. the big white orb remained and we video taped it for a while and it eventually faded off into the distance. one of the red orbs came close to the white orb and hovered around for a bit. i have video of the white orb as well as a red orb near it. we actually followed the red orb with the truck and watched it a few miles down the road until it just vanished. i have never believed in ufos until this night and have no stopped looking up sightings since. i have been thinking about this event since it happened and cant wait until i get another experience like this one. i have lots of footage but i dont want to send you the other videos because of all the swearing and myself getting mad at the girlfriend for wanting to leave. i also have two pictures of the orbs.

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