UFO Sighting in Abingdon, Maryland on 2017-01-29 03:33:00 – Sounded like a very directed extremely loud metallic noise grew super intense

Me and one other person sitting outside 3:30 am sounded sound most closely associated i guess with a aircraft of some sort. quickly changed to a seemingly directed extremely loud almost brain vibrating metallic noise. lasted for about two minutes each second seems like noise was getting louder and more intense actual vibration feeling from whatever it was. lasted about two minutes by the end when it really felt like our brains might explode from this sound . it quickly jetted to the east in what sounded like a pulsating manner. after both questioning each other about what that could’ve possibly been we decided to go inside and search for something that could have been close to what we heard. the closest thing i was able to find that would match the description of what we experienced was what i have seen on youtube as being described as trumpets it’s from the sky. almost exactly like the war of the worlds sound the alien craft makes that just has the vibration to it that sounds like it would hurt you. we were both definitely affected from this incident clearly emotionally confused about not knowing what could’ve possibly made such a sound.

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