UFO Sighting in Jorhat, on 2015-02-16 20:30:00 – The u.F.O. was a green glowing spherical object hovering and flying across the sky.

That night i was in the kitchen getting my dinner ready. then suddenly i realized that an awkward sound was repeatedly striking my ear drums. but i just ignored it because i thought that the sound might be emitted by the engine of a passing aircraft. after sometime i realized that the sound was still striking my ear drums. then suddenly my phone ranged up and i went pick up the phone. i received the call it was my friend who was on the line. before i could speak anything to him he just asked me about the unusual loud sound that i was hearing too. i replied him that “it might an aircraft just passing by” but he told me that the matter is something odd and asked me to come outside of my house and have a look for it. i did as he said and i was surprised and excited for what i saw at the sky. i saw that a green glowing orb was flying across the sky. the flying object had no signs or resemblance to any aircraft that designed to fly within the earth’s atmosphere. i watched the object for around 3 minutes 5 seconds but due to dense forest it just disappeared from my sight of vision but the sound was still audible to my ears.

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