UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on 2015-10-31 01:28:00 – Pink/ violet orb hovering over los angeles brightens and blinks out on an instant. no decay to the light

It was some time in november 2015, i was driving north to reseda from hollywood. i was about outside of north hollywood. i noticed a bright light to the left of the moon, about 45 degrees above the horizon to my right. it was too large to be a star or a planet from our view from earth. it was a bright pink solid ball with a fuzzy violet light orb around it. i stared at this object for about 2 minutes as i was driving up the highway. in a split second, this object got extremely bright and brilliant like nothing i’ve ever seen before, and then blinked out. it was so fast, and that’s when i began to think it wasn’t human because it seems almost impossible for something to go as bright as it did and disappear in a blink of an eye. after it disappeared i could see the outline of the orb for a minute as i was blinking because it was so bright. it almost looked like the object was still there, just more faint, but i knew it wasn’t there anymore. i’ve always believed in aliens and know many people who have talked about separate accounts of “alien” encounters. predominantly stories of the “orange orb in triangular pattern” ufo and “high speed, blinding aircrafts” that are hypnotizing. i had never heard of anything like this, but i also know los angeles is one of the alien capitals of the world. i recently watched the first episode of ufos: the best evidence ever caught on tape and about 25 minutes in i watch a clip from 1995 in miami. it’s the same exact orb i saw in california in november 2015. it is the same color and disappeared the same (almost in an instant, off like a light bulb) ever since i saw that clip i keep thinking about the possible ufo

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