UFO Sighting in Savannah, Georgia on 2007-08-12 00:00:00 – Football shaped with no tips and small wings. it looked like molten lava, was silent traveling about 35 to 45 mph

I was on the top of my building to watch the perseid meteor shower. i was looking towards the north when i noticed a dark round silhouette with small wings off in the distance against the glow of the city sky. sometimes i would see owls flying at night but this was obviously not an owl.

my first thought was that has got to be the fatest bird with the shortest wings i have ever seen and the wings were not moving. i then realized that it was coming directly towards me. i instantly jumped up from my seat to give it my full attention.

the building i was standing on is two stories tall and i would guess that the object was about 75 feet above that. it was traveling from north to south in a straight line at approximately 35 to 45 mph.

it was shaped like an american football with the tips cut off with two small rectangular wings that were angled at about 45 degrees. i would guess that it was about three to four feet in length.

the object had the appearance of molten lava. it was not tremendously bright but it was bright enough that i could see it perfectly. the center was glowing red and the rest was orange,yellow and black swirls with it being darker towards the edges. it looked like it had been cast from molten lava.

it made no sound that i could hear and i didn’t see any type of propulsion like a propeller or an exhaust of any kind. it flew directly over me as i tracked it as it flew overhead and then out of my site.

i was really excited and i stared at it with everything thing that i had trying to see as much detail as possible. i felt like i had hit the lottery seeing this thing especially so close. it was amazing. i then ran downstairs and wrote down everything that i had witnessed. all the details of it etc.

the attached drawing is not exact but it is pretty close.

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