UFO Sighting in Gatlinburg, Tennessee on 1969-01-14 00:00:00 – My brother and i along with two of our friends went racoon hunting one winter night in 1969 and near the top of a mountain while were wer sitting with our flashlights turned off a bright light came on much like someone throwing a switch.No sound at all.

A group of four of us went on a raccoon hunt one winter night in 1969. we crossed a field and went near the top of a mountain where the dogs were trailing so we sit down and turned our lights off while the dogs done their thing. we were sitting around on the ground leaded up against tress cutting up like teenagers do when all of a sudden a large super bright round light came on like someone flipped a switch. i remember standing up and looking up and it was directly above us so bight that i couldn’t make out any shape of a object it was coming from. the light had to be 100 to 150 ft dia. if not larger. someone yelled run and i ran for several hundred ft and turned around and the light was gone. we all gather back to where it happened and asked one another what the hell was that. none of us was able to identify what the light came from, but we all agreed there was no sound. we went on hunting and hunted the rest of the night. the next day my cousin who was with us asked me to go back and help him find the tubular magazine for his 22cal rifle that he lost that night. i tried to talk him out of going to look for it saying we had traveled miles so it would be impossible to find it. i finally said ok. when we got to where we saw the light we found the magazine along with all the 22 cal. bullets on the ground in a pile. one of the boys who was with us that night later became a policeman in florida and after he retired and moved back here we talked about that night and he don’t remember anymore than i do. do you think hypnosis would help me recall things that might have happened after we saw the lights?

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