UFO Sighting in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania on 2016-11-15 00:00:00 – I was awe-struck and convinced i did not witness this event. it was an amazing sight.

I sleep soundly. sometime in mid-november 2016, my dog started barking which woke me up around 1:30 am. i thought she had to use the bathroom, so i took her outside in the backyard. the backyard has an in-ground pool and fence. behind the backyard is a 12-acre common area. at the end of this common area is a wooded section with lots of trees. my dog ran to the left corner of the house facing the front yard/street . . . and was barking. she ran to the right corner of the house facing the front yard/street . .And was barking. she repeated this four times until i finally stopped her and brought her inside the house. each time she was barking. she never did go to the bathroom.

i thought maybe she heard someone in front of the house or sometimes we have deer that cross through our development. from inside the house, i looked out a front window. i saw a huge bright round light. the light was extremely bright similar to an led light, but the light was yellow in nature. the light had defined edges, no overspray of light. i walked outside onto my front porch to see if i could get a better view. there were no sounds or noises. i walked back into the house and watched from the front window. after a few seconds, a beam of light stretched from the round light to the road. this beam of light was the width of a car. it originated from the bright round light and stretched to the road. i could see the light on the road. the beam of light lasted a couple of seconds and then it retracted back to the bright round light and then both lights disappeared immediately. the entire sighting lasted approximately 8 seconds. i tried to justify that it was maybe a plane with a search light. but there was no sound of motors or anything. i wiped it out of my mind, until i witnessed another light on january 7, 2017. now, i am convinced there is something to these experiences.

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